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We're so thrilled that the prestigious literary publication, Kirkus Reviews, has given Laloo the Red Panda such a fantastic review!  We've posted a snippet below and you can read the entire review by going to Kirkus Reviews website (click their logo below).

The adventure of a lost, rare red panda cub trying to find his way home is expertly packed with Indian culture, energetic artwork and engaging characters.

It's likely young readers who pick up this well-made app will be learning about both Bollywood and red pandas for the first time—and they will be glad they did.

Read the entire review by clicking on Kirkus Review's logo.
Read the entire review by clicking on Kirkus Review's logo.

Appreciation on Facebook review

Thank you Appreciation for the great review of Laloo!

APPreciation This is a nice storybook app that both my boys enjoy, especially because they are both animal lovers. The collecting of the bugs throughout the app was fun for my 3 yr old and it was a great opportunity to identify and talk a little about each insect collected. My little guy was very concerned when Laloo was trapped and was quickly relieved when he was able to escape. My 5 yr old's interest was in the outcome of the story, while my 3 yr old continuously tapped onto every item looking for additional interactions. One of his favorite interactions is shaking the device that causes Laloo to loose his balance and fall into the stream and escape from Gambo. 

As a parent, I really appreciated the many facts given throughout the app pertaining to Red Pandas, it added great educational value. The moral of the story, to be happy with who you are, was also appreciated and led to a nice discussion with the boys. The illustrations are beautiful, the narration is superb and the navigation is very child friendly. As a parent of two budding readers, I would have loved to have seen highlighted text. Hopefully that would be possible in a future update. Overall, it was a very nice story that was enjoyed by the family and I would highly recommend it!


IHeartThisApp Review!

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This is a really nice storybook app because all elements work well together. The illustrations and animations are colourful and enticing for the target audience...More than the storybook aspect, I really admire the objective behind it. The developers want to educated young children about the red panda, how it is an endangered species, and how its habitat is being destroyed. This is done through some elements of the story and through trivia scattered throughout the story. Finally, a call to action is presented at the end of the story by informing users that 20% of the app’s cost will go to the Red Panda Network and providing a link for interested people to donate to.